Entegrity Collaborative Care

Entegrity is a group of physicians who are endeavouring to improve your experience with your referral to our offices. When you are referred to us we will strive to have you seen as quickly as possible. We are doing this by collaborating to ensure that you will have a choice of the next available physician or the closest location. You will still be able to see a specific physician if you prefer. There may be a longer wait for a specific physician but you or your family doctor will still have that choice.

We are open to feedback. Our aim is continuous improvement in our delivery of service to you recognizing the many pressures on our health care system.

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Entegrity is committed to strive for continuous improvement in the service we provide. we feel quality involves all aspects of what we do, starting with your referral . We value your feedback and will actively seek it.Our Commitment

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Learn more about ENT conditions, get resources and learn about insurance coverage.

If you have been referred to an otolaryngologist for a medical problem, your visit will most likely be covered under your provincial health insurance.

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